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Welcome to Quillet Kindergarten

We are a kindergarten located in Monterrey, formed by teachers, who as mothers as well understand how important is to leave your child in good hands for their early education and care. Considering this in 2004 we founded “Colegio Bilingüe Quillet, S.C.”, inscribed in the “Secretaria de Educacion” (CCT 19PJN0744Z), offering early childhood education courses, nursery, prekindergarten, kindergarten I & II and preshool grades, based on a bilingual education with a values program in order to achieve the emotional an intellectual development of children through a warm, safe and loving environment.


We want to make our children feel like home, through a welcoming, safe, clean and full of love environment, favoring the development of knowledge and skills of students.


Develop skills, abilities and attitudes that improve the quality of the educational experience.

Provide students with tools to build judgments skills and solve life problems.

Work as a team, students, parents and teachers, creating an optimal training and educational environment.

Give parents the reassurance that their young are in a trust and secure place.

Our Programs

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education from 3 months to 3 years old.

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Day Care

This service could be full or part time. The children are taking care by teachers, technicians, babysitters and nursers.

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1st, 2nd & 3rd kindergarten grades incorporated to SEP academic program, 100% bilingual, math, lecture, writting, music,self worth values, science and swimming sessions.

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Summer Camp

Summer boot camp for children ages 3 to 6 years during June, July and August. We offer soccer, dance and swimming (optional), yoga, climbing, outdoor games, contests, crafts, science games and much more.

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Success for the rest of their lives...

Come and visit our kindergarten in Monterrey, where you can meet a cozy, warm and safe environment for your child. We will provide you information about: kindergarten, early childhood education courses, day care and summer camp. Ask about our discounts on fees or tuition.


Silvestre Revueltas #200
Colinas de San Jerónimo
Monterrey, N.L., México 64630


01 52 (81) 8143-8854