We are a kindergarten located in Monterrey at San Jerónimo, formed by teachers and mothers who understand the importance of early education. We offer early education courses, and several grades: nursery, prekindergarten, kindergarten I &II, and preschool. We offer a bilingual program, with values in order to achieve the emotional and intellectual development of children through a warm, safe and caring environment.

We believe that parents like to be aware of what their children are learning, which is why we share with you bimonthly programs, monitor cognitive development and skills by evaluations. Parents are invited every tree months to feedback on the student achievements.

We offer 21st Century Skills Program

  • Learning Skills:
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Communication and collaboration.
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills:
    • Proper information management
    • Media Knowledge
    • ICT literacy

We have available places for our early childhood education programs:


1 year old

Pre Kinder

2 years old

Kinder 1

3 years old

Kinder 2

4 years old

Pre School

5 years old

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    Requirements to Enrollment:

    • Application
    • Birth Certificate (original and copy)
    • Immunization record (copy)
    • 2 Photos
    • Fees: Registration and others

    Visit Us:

    Come and visit our kindergarten in Monterrey, where you can meet a cozy, warm and safe environment for your child. We will provide you  information about: kindergarten, early childhood education courses, day care and summer camp.  Ask about our discounts on fees or tuition.

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